You may know Lily as one of the dedicated people who update the calendar. Every month, she logs on the Y2K website and carefully puts in location and time data so that Kingston youth and adults can easily access the information they need. Lily takes this job very seriously. When the organizer doesn’t provide an address, Lily googles the missing information so that all details are available. She says: “it’s my responsibility to make my updates are right because others need to know where to go.”For Lily, interacting with technology is a way of life. At home, she uses Siri to dictate her homework. For her French project, she developed a website of a fictional French bakery. A few years back, she used MINECRAFT to design a walk-through digestive system for her Science project. Her long history with technology makes the task of updating the online calendar a natural fit for Lily.Lily first got involved with the Y2K Strategy because she knew someone who was involved. Since the initial visit, Lily has continued to engage with the Voice table because she found friends and allies there. Lily said that she loves sharing her ideas and interacting with others. Now that she is more involved, Lily takes the Y2K Strategy seriously. Her first interest is leadership. She wants to be a youth leader and is happy to learn the skills that help her to be more effective.

The next time you log on to the website to find out the address of the next exciting Y2K event, think of Lily and the effort she puts into making sure you have all the information you need!