Youth Spotlight: Holy Cross Student Wellness Team

The Holy Cross Student Wellness Team works tirelessly throughout the school year to both promote health as well as enhance the wellbeing of its students and staff at HCCSS. The Wellness Team meets every month to plan various initiatives that centre around the messages of FUEL, CHILL, CHAT & PLAY. Holy Cross promotes FUEL-ing up with  healthy food through ‘Wellness Wednesdays’ where team members prepare and serve hundreds of servings of fruits and vegetables for staff and students free of charge! CHILL days promote relaxation and stress reduction through interacting with therapy dogs, massage therapists, and yoga instructors. The students also understand the importance of a supportive community within the school and host CHAT days, during which the cafeteria is transformed into a cafe with live music, students have access to a photo booth, free refreshments, and a ball pit to jump into with friends! Finally, PLAY is encouraged by being active in their open and non-competitive athletic events on ‘Fit Fridays’. The team also works diligently to plan and deliver a full week of healthy living activities during its annual Wellness Week.

Overall, The Wellness Team has had a huge success by focusing on the positive and encouraging everyone at HCCSS to make healthier choices. All members of the Holy Cross Wellness Team are deserving of this recognitions for their diligent efforts aimed at making Holy Cross a healthier and happier place to be!

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Youth Spotlight: Daniel Amaral from GameFace

Daniel is a 20-year-old youth participant in the City of Kingston’s GameFace program. Since being a part of GameFace, Daniel has transformed from a very quiet and shy participant, to a very vocal and involved youth with lots to say! He is passionate about Kingston and what our city has to offer people like him. Ever since Daniel decided to join GameFace,  he has become an ambassador for other youth. He is very enthusiastic about being a part of the various meetings and events. His role within GameFace when volunteering  consists of letting participants into the building, setting up the gaming systems, handing out snacks, and other helpful tasks.

We are happy to have him both as a participant and a reliable, helpful and friendly volunteer!

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Youth Spotlight: Reid Cunningham from Blue Canoe

Reid arrived at Blue Canoe  in February of this year, eager to work on their Youth Arts Festival which was planned for May. Reid signed on, ready to go, but what he didn’t know was their project leader was actually going to be out of town and Reid would be the one running the festival. Reid is a graduate of LCVI in Kingston, and although he had some interest in colleges, never  quite found his footing. Now back in Kingston, he stepped into the role of Managing Director of the festival with an amazing level of success. He ran 16 events, 18 workshops and was responsible for coordinating over 400 youth participants. Through his marketing and community building, the entire festival worked with 1082 youth and had a total audience of 1468 attending events. Aside from being on stage a few times with Blue Canoe, this was Reid’s first large scale project, to which he performed well beyond any expectations.

Reid has a bright future as an arts producer, arts administrator and events planner!

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