To share ideas, opinions, and the sentiments of youth from Kingston with Mayor Bryan Patterson, in topics that are within municipal dominion. This includes topics that are in specific regards to youth, as well as topics that are unrelated to youth. The creation of this council is in the spirit of youth empowerment and the sharing of youth voice in Kingston.

How to Apply to be on the Mayor’s Youth Council:

  1. Online by clicking here
  2. Download the application below and mail it or drop it off to:

Application MYC

238 Brock St,
Kingston, ON
K7L 1S4

What to bring:

Please be sure to bring information about your availability over the next few months (example: school schedules, work schedules, etc) it is not required to bring a  resume to your interview but you can if you wish to. You will receive more information about the interviews once the application deadline has passed.

Questions? Email us at kingstonyouthstragtegy@outlook.com

Application Deadline: April 28th.

Interviews will be held between May 6- 9, the first meeting of the Youth Council will be held on May 17 at 4:00pm, location TBD. The first meeting is mandatory for all who are successful in their applications.

What we’re looking for:

  • Around 12 young people who are passionate about getting involved the the community.
  • Geographical representation across Northern, Eastern, Western, and downtown Kingston.
  • A diverse team, we’re looking for an accurate representation of the young people of Kingston.
  • Youth residing within Kingston only.
  • No experience required!! You do not have to have any community or work experience to apply!

If there is anything that is unclear about this application process please don’t hesitate to contact us at the above email or michael@studentscommission.ca